Mr. Abou-Rahme

Chapters # 8 & 10-14






The Exam


A.     Calculators allowed (14 problems)

Simplify trig expression/identity, angle between two vectors, vectors word problem, angle of inclination, vectors & areas of parallelograms, sequences: recursive & explicit definitions, sigma notation, summation formulas, limits, mathematical induction, transition matrices,  transformation matrices, infinite geometric series, equation of a plane, trig models of periodic behavior.



B.     No calculators (4 problems)

Properties and graphs of trig functions, complex numbers: rectangular, polar, roots & powers, polar graphs, solutions of trig equations.






1.     Chapter Summaries

2.     P. 416-417 & 562-563 Cumulative Reviews. Assigned for homework.

3.     Old Tests. Hand in on day of exam.